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Keno is regarded as one of the easiest games for punters to play – and with the advent of the internet – things have never been easier. As you have little to no rules involved in this game, in addition to a very simple set up, it is easy to see why many enjoy Keno. While there are a few tangible differences you will encounter when playing Online Keno as opposed to Keno in a land-based casino the basic format is effectively identical.

One of the main advantages of playing Keno online is that the vast majority of online casinos tend to offer sign-up bonuses to those that prefer to play from the comfort of their own home. Keno games online also have typically higher payouts than those found in a brick and mortar casino.

Online Keno Bonus Offers & Promotions:

Check below this featured list of the best online Keno bonus offers and promotions.

100% up to €500 + 50 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus

100% up to 200 + 100 free spins

Deposit 100 play with 200 & 200 Free Spins

Why Claim Online Keno Bonuses & Promotions?

Keno, as many of you will know, is an extremely popular lottery-type game that can be found at both online and offline casinos. Playing keno online is fun and gives you the chance of winning some good money if lucky.

Playing Keno on its own is great but you can also take advantage of a number of keno bonuses and promotions that will give you even better value for your money. These Keno bonus offers will usually come in the form of free casino money, which basically means you have a chance of winning some real money out of nothing!

Not all online casinos do offer dedicated keno bonuses, some will be general bonuses that can also be used on Keno. Yet, when a dedicated Keno bonus is found, should be taken by all means!

Titanic Slot
Phew, so many bonuses. Titanic slot machine is certainly a generous slot in terms of the prizes you can potentially win, if it wants to play, that is. This slot is well worth a pop, especially for bonus hunters...
Star Spinner Slot
Star Spinner slot machine is a really exciting yet classic fruit machine straight from the studios of Blueprint Gaming. Read the review and try the game for free...
Bonanza Slot
The idea which Big Time Gaming had for their Bonanza slot was a fairly good one. It is not completely unique but is an interesting concept...

The Basics

Landing those elusive Keno numbers can win you a very tasty sum of money, hence the appeal for many. There are similarities between bingo and lotto, as far as the way that draws take place. You are effectively betting on numbers being drawn, which come from a random number generator. As with many other games, the odds of you landing a higher amount of numbers means that you can expect to receive much higher payouts.

Online Keno does typically work a lot faster than its bricks and mortar equivalent, so do ensure that you plan for any losses and do not go overboard too quickly. Common sense is advised!

25 No Deposit Spins (upon registration)
250% up to €1500 + 25 Free Spins
Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot
Pharaoh’s Fortune slot a game which is unlikely to really grab your attention, given the tons of other games out there which you could be playing, but it is fun, at least...

Keno Hints and Tips

Like any other game, you can play and strategize prior to placing bets. While the game – as previously mentioned – is down to luck, a couple of tips always help. It does pay to read up on the game you are playing before you make a conscious decision to give it a try. While slots and roulette tend to rule among players these days, there is a reason why Keno is growing in popularity. Not to say that it has ever been anything less than attractive to many players, however.

In order to maximise your chances of success, try to employ these tips into your Online Keno approach:

  • Always play with games which have the Maximum Payout feature. If unsure, ask a representative or customer support agent to confirm which games to go for.
  • Online Keno also has typically higher payouts than land-based casinos. Some types of games have a good payout ratio when compared to others, however, so check these before you play.
  • Always try to find games which operate in “demo mode”. These will certainly give you an opportunity to trial the type of game, and work out an approach which you can carry over to “real money” games.
  • Once you have figured out the best bets based on your extrapolation, you will figure out just how far you can take things. Many find that choosing 11 numbers is a good approach, as getting 3 numbers out of 11 is easier than 3 out of 7. The odds are also a lot higher, which is appealing.
  • Breaking even comes with higher odds when you have 11 numbers running. As such, try and play these type of games if you can.
Reel King
The simplistic nature of the Reel King slot game may appeal to some, but certainly not to me. It is pretty much as colourful and basic as these types of slots come...
Fortunes of the Amazons Slot
Fortune of the Amazons is a high-quality slot game with a fascinating theme and welcoming bonus features...
Siberian Storm Slot
While this Siberian Storm slot game is far from new, in its time, it did carry a few additional innovative features which initially caught the attention of slots enthusiasts...

Online Keno Strategies

Online Keno is far from a skill-based game. You cannot influence the order of the balls, so will effectively be at the mercy of chance. There are ways which you can help your chances, over. As previously covered, the more numbers you pick increases the chances you have of landing a win. It certainly enhances your chances of winning big.

One number will typically land you three times your stake, while two will get you nine times your stake, so a larger amount of numbers picked is where you have the greatest chance of winning big. If you are lucky enough to land fifteen numbers, you could be looking at a massive 10,000 x your stake. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you can stand to pocket a considerable amount for hitting a number of these balls. It pays, therefore, to pretty much “go for it” in this regard.

We would tend to go against trying to use the form of previous draws in order to determine a strategy by using “hot” numbers. This is a random-number generated game, so patterns are purely arbitrary. There are no ways to predict what comes out of that machine, so believing that you can, will not really give you any advantage at all. There are many sites and writers who will try to sell you information on the best way to predict what balls will follow others, but it would pay to reject this information outright, as it is not ethical.

You would be better to choose numbers which have meaning to you. Family members’ birthdays, numbers from your vehicle’s registration number, or any other meaningful digits. As this game is all about enjoyment, inject some fun into things in order to get the best experience out of it that you can.

Welcome Bonus

100% up to 100 + 300 free spins

100% up to €100
Crown of Egypt Slot
Crown of Egypt slot is a good game. It is well-designed. It is nice to play. Is it special, or would it stand out among other games with similar designs? It's not likely to, in all honesty...

A cool fact about Keno

Keno is rich in culture, and there are a number of players who are unaware just how important it is to purists. Keno is, in fact, a game with some pretty ancient origins. Originating in China, players today will be engaging in more than just a random casino game. There is Chinese philosophy which relates to Yin and Yang – the forces which need to be balanced for life to function – steeped in the game. In fact, Yin and Yang are essentially the upper and lower parts of the Keno board, in this game, which means that it pays to consider both if you are into the more mystical side of life. Worth a shot at least, eh?

At least, this makes Keno a little more culturally rich. While having this knowledge may not give you any particular advantages when it comes to winning cash, there is no doubt that it will not hurt you.

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