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Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot

The Wish Upon a Jackpot slot takes layers to a world of fairy tales, where classic characters like wooden-boy Pinocchio, the unfortunate Three Little Pigs, sassy English cat, Puss in Boots, and the ever-tasty Gingerbread Man all appear. In terms of additional features and developments, Wish Upon a Jackpot has many of note. To a high number of players, it is up there in terms of popularity with anything else you can find online.

With a variety of-of magical symbols littered across the reels, you will run into a fairy-tale castle, a classic harp and even a golden slipper. Watch out for the fairy tale storybook which can open to tell some tales and offer a way to find more riches in your quest for, erm, a higher bank balance...

What to Expect

Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot is set within the confines of an atypical magical forest dwelling. There are many charms around, which are illuminated by lamps which hang down from the trees which sit on opposing sides of reels. And get this: the spin button is represented by an apple. If you want to check the pay table, hit on the magic pumpkin, which is a ubiquitous feature of many fairy tales, of course.

In fact, everything to be found on this slot is pretty much a representation of fairytales. This theme may be popular with many who long for the good old days of having no responsibilities other than choosing what cartoons or Disney film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. This is certainly taken across to the symbols on the reels, which glitter and shine in an almost hypnotic fashion. More than this, the harp playing gently in the background only adds to the atmosphere.


Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot slot stands out for the sheer amount of extras, features, and bonus rounds that can be hit while playing the game. Wish Upon A Jackpot is effectively a  5-reel slot with three rows and twenty pay lines. It is exceptionally well designed - it stands out for its visual representation and the theme, as mentioned above, which is essentially a magical world where anything goes.

According to the pay line, there are four high-value symbols: these are the game’s logo, which is a golden harp, Cinderella’s shoe, and a castle. Everything else is made up by the staple card symbols which are 10, J, Q, K and A. The latter, of course, are the symbols which you will be more likely to run into as you play. Anything else gives you a better chance of winning big, so it goes without saying that they are the ones to watch out for.

The frog on the lily pad is wild and the Fairytale storybook acts as the scatter symbol, which can, of course, trigger one of the main features of the game. The many bonus features and extras are as follows:

Bonuses & Features

The Fairytale Bonus - Simply land three of the book scatter symbols on reels one, three and five to trigger the Fairytale Bonus. Once you have landed three of the bonus symbols, you will then be required to choose one of those symbols to get your feature:

Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker - This is where a Rumpelstiltskin character runs through a number of scrolls, where the prize is a multiplier deal. If not satisfied with this, you can discard and try to win a better amount. You are permitted to discard an offer five times before the prize is awarded.

Jack And The Beanstalk - Choose your magic beans to make the beanstalk rise. You can keep going until you are happy and choose to ‘Collect,’ which spells the end of the round. If you make it to the top, you can choose a Golden Goose Egg which will land you a big win.

Three Little Pigs Free Spins - This is where you can land a number of free spins while a pig lands on the reels makes for random wilds which are sticky. The appearance of their enemy, the Big Bad Wolf, means that there is a chance of these wilds being blown away. They can be reinstated, however, if the magic pig pops his head up.

Rapunzel Free Spins - Prince Charming landing on reel five of these free spins rounds can climb up the ladder, which increases the multiplier. When the Prince reaches the tower, that's all she wrote.

Fairy Godmother Bonus - Three orbs will appear on the screen randomly during the normal game mode, which will give you the opportunity to choose one. You can win one a randomly awarded bonus, which is always fun.

In Conclusion

Fairytales may be the last thing many of us think of when wanting to have fun. However, with an abundance of bonuses and features, this game can certainly charm. Even if this type of slot wouldn't be normally up to your street, it can be worth a shot.

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