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Warlords - Crystals of Power Slot

Chanbara genre aficionados will be thrilled by NetEnt’s 5 reels/30 pay lines Warlords – Crystals of Power slot, which exploits the rich Japanese cultural heritage and blurs the line between historical facts and Samurai myths. Definitely not the first slot that revolves around the everlasting battle for supremacy and power, Warlords slot stands out thanks to a more complex background story and exquisite graphics. The story centres around the postwar conflict between the three remaining rulers,  The Samurai, The Barbarian and The Priestess, and their attempt to usurp the power crystals and gain possession of an unlimited power.


The Power of Three

Each of the Warlord – Crystals of Power's main three characters has their own Bonus features and Scatter symbols, with corresponding characteristics. Literally, any spin can trigger a Random Overlay Wild Feature which will then transfer the game to the alternate set of reels and activate one of the following: Barbarian Hammer Feature, Priestess Arrow Feature and Samurai Sword Feature. Within this mode, additional Wild symbols will be awarded by the feature characters; 4 extra Wilds during the Barbarian Hammer mode or up to 5 Wilds within Princess Arrow and Samurai Swords modes. The Wild landing positions are restricted and the symbols can only be stationed on reels 1 to 4 in the Barbarian and Samurai mode or reels 1 to 5 in the Priestess mode.

Another distinctive feature of Warlords – Crystals of Power slot machine is the fact that this slot has 3 Scatter symbols, offered in the form of the rulers’ banners. Landing onto the reels, the Scatters will activate Free Spins sessions, where the appearance of a new Scatter can unlock 3 extra spins (Barbarian Free Spins) a multiplier (Priestess Free Spins) and a Sticky Wild (Samurai Free Spins).

Ultimate Showdown

Free Spins are not the only advantage of landing Scatter icons. When two or more different Scatters find themselves on the reels, the Battle feature will be initiated and the triumphant Scatter will activate the Re-Spins session. The same Re-Spin feature will be unlocked by default if the same type of Scatters is combined, otherwise, a Scatter symbol will be randomly selected and transformed into a fellow icon. While the Re-Spin mode is on, Scatters will remain fixed on their positions, waiting for a new, corresponding Scatter to land; should that happens, a new set of Re-Spins will be put into motion.

If no Scatters should appear to trigger the additional Re-Spin, Final Chance feature comes to the rescue. By awarding a coin win (3x to 100x player’s bet) or a new Scatter, the feature provides an additional chance of generating a payment or even landing a winning combination – with a Scatter symbol positioned on the spot where there are no other Scatters, a new Free Spins cycle will start.

With the potentially high number of Free Spins that a player can unlock, a possible 100,000x bet increase and over 96% RTP, Warlord – Crystals of Power is a full package – a beautifully executed video slots that can actually make you some money. 

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