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Reel King Slot Review

When it comes to slots, everyone seems to have their own favourite game. Whether it's simply a nostalgic connection or something else, we all have a special place in our hearts for that one game which geared our love of slots. These obviously vary from person to person, with the reasons which make them so popular. In terms of popularity, however, Reel King slot is not one which seems to pop up a lot when discussing favourite games with my friends.

The simplistic nature of the Reel King slot game may appeal to some, but certainly not to me. It is pretty much as colourful and basic as these types of slots come, but it does fail to capture the imagination. That, being said, there will be thousands of people across the planet who will think differently. Everything is subjective when it comes to online casino games, so experiences will contribute to how we look at things. To those who have won big - or even struck the jackpot on Reel King - I am sure you will strongly agree with the above statement.

What to Expect

Reel King is a take on an undoubtedly popular video slot which is often found in pubs and airports around the country. As such, the emphasis was on developing a game which could be played by a number of different players, who may or may not be, distracted in some way, should we say. For this reason, creating various bonus rounds and features which require a lot of attention probably isn't the greatest idea in the world. There is certainly not going to be a progressive jackpot in the game, so players would have to be content with winning moderate amounts, as is the case with games of this type.

Reel King slot machine has no bonus games and no jackpots of the progressive kind, which keeps it in the lower tiers of games for players looking for variety.  There is a jackpot, however, but is very basic and unremarkable. There are wilds and scatters which have a very basic addition to them, but all in all this game would not suit those who are looking for an all-around experience in a slot.

Following every win, you have the continuing option to take any winnings you may have accrued or gamble. If you do choose to gamble, then you can win a lot more, but also lose pretty much every penny you have won. This is a very simple format to introduce to a slot and is far from unique. Would we trade it for various bonus rounds or additional features? Probably not, given the wide range of other games which have better.

The Paytable on Reel King

There are six standard symbols on Ree King, which represents little in terms of variety. In fact, its pretty much like playing a limited development on classic fruit machines. Given the lack of anything original or standout, we can see why many tend to shun Reel King for a more comprehensive slot. The upside of this, however, is that you have increased chances of landing similar symbols for wins.

The smallest win you can expect is x10 times your bet. This is if you land 3 cherries which hit on a pay line. The largest you can win is 200 times your bet, which would be 5 K symbols. There are 20 pay lines which are small for a 5-reel slot, which does make it a little more difficult to land a considerable win. However, this may suit smaller-stake players who prefer to have the opportunity to play without running through their bankroll quickly.

The jackpot symbols are the ones you want to land. They also serve as normal symbols which can give you a decent win if you are lucky enough to hit a few of them in the right order. When compared to other jackpots on some of the more lucrative slots, however, some may be a little underwhelmed. It is understandable that we all want to be playing for the highest amount possible. Still, Reel King does have its fans, regardless.

In Conclusion

Reel King slot may not appeal to every slots aficionado out there. In fact, I doubt that it would be able to hold its own on many online casino sites which host some of the more comprehensive games. In terms of its style, it is very straightforward, which may appear boring to players used to having to pay a little more attention in order to figure out the mechanics of many of the big-time slots.

For a game so simple, there are obvious benefits to players who do not want to be too distracted. It is a slot which can be played with minimal attention, so this, once again, may suit those who perhaps are only getting into slots. For everyone else, it is likely to be a passing interest.

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