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Mermaids Millions Slot Review

Mermaids Millions is a 5 reel, 15 line slots game with a keen nautical theme. The classic slot is regarded in the UK as one of Microgaming's most popular and is jam-packed with a number of features which stand out from the offset.

Everything you would expect to find in a game designed with the deep sea in mind is here, with the God of the Sea Neptune, intriguing mermaids, opulent clams, seahorses, and much more ready to greet you as you spin. A number of the classic features such as free spins can be triggered towards a potential crack at a jackpot of a not-too-shabby 7500 coins.

Mermaids Millions Slot Design & Gameplay

Mermaids Millions slot is an old-school slot machine which has still maintained immense popularity over the years. It is a testament to Microgaming's skills and genius design that many players would be happier to play Mermaid Millions rather than one of the more modern slots out there. There are reasons why we gravitate back to these older slots, but one of the main factors is that you can't really go wrong with solid design and craft.

The slot is itself is also easy to play, with pretty much every permutation of the game straightforward and obvious to understand. These days, too many slots have features which are triggered randomly and in a certain way that is almost the opposite of how we would expect. Older slots like this one follow the "get three symbols, get a bonus" rule, which is comforting to many.

Mermaid Millions is so much fun to play as there are a number of potential bonuses and big wins waiting for lucky players, The bright colours and nautical theme sit nicely together and are not too bright or hard on the eyes. It is an upbeat slot for upbeat players who do not want to wrestle with slow-loading software or engage in a mathematical chess match in order to win some coins.

This slot's popularity speaks for itself and is definitely one which every enthusiast should have a blast on at least once.

Bonuses and Features

Not surprisingly, it is the Mermaid which is the scatter symbol on the game. Landing three or more of this symbol will trigger the free bonus game where you can be awarded ten spins where regular wins are tripled during the course of the bonus game.

On the other side of the feature fence, The Neptune symbol is Wild and of course will, therefore, substitute other symbols in making a winning combination. This is always handy when you are one symbol short of a big win.

There are more than just bonus games and wilds to be found in this exciting slot. The popularity of Mermaids Millions slot is down to the variety of extras that can be triggered, and the overall gameplay, of course.

The big one you will eventually find yourself looking for in this game is the Treasure bonus, which you can reveal by landing three or more treasure chest symbols on an active pay line. You can win 2500 coins by revealing bonus amounts behind the numerous objects which hide the amounts.

The number of bonus choices you will have to reveal from comes down to the number of symbols which you landed in order to trigger the bonus game. The amount you win will be multiplied by your bet per line, which obviously favours those who play at a higher amount.

Expert Mode

One appealing feature of this game for many is the presence of the options players have of playing the Regular Mode or Expert Mode. Expert Mode provides a different style in terms of the advanced features you may land. Players can also preset the game to spin a certain amount of times without having to press "spin" or simply programme the game to run in auto mode, which allows you to get up and do other things while the game carries on.


This slot is certainly not one which will not bore you to tears, in any sense. The authentic touch of Microgaming's design is easily identifiable, as is their commitment to producing engaging and gripping games with quality and the chance of big wins.

Although Mermaid Millions is an old-school slot, as mentioned above, it is still exceptionally popular among many players of all backgrounds. Not only does this prove that Microgaming is masters of their field, but that they have been for a long time. Not every software developer can boast such qualities.

Where Mermaid Millions slot works, in the modern day sense, is in its simplicity and ease of use. Video slots and some of the more comprehensive titles we come across these days have a tendency to overcomplicate things for players, who don't really know where they are with some games. Within a couple of spins on this classic, any player will realise that this is not a problem they will have with Mermaid Millions.

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