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Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Meet Gonzo the conquistador and join him in a search for lost treasures of ancient South American tribes in one of NetEnt’s classics – the Gonzo’s Quest slot. The call of the adventure is strong, and the very first time you see the reels and the entire interface you’ll be swept away by the visuals and the rich story behind the imagery. The lovely main character is inspired by the famed real-life conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro. History intertwines with the legend when the myth of El Dorado is introduced. The result is Gonzo’s Quest, a stunning slot packed with enticing features that offer a truly unique gameplay, one that not many slots have managed to match since the game has been launched.

The Art of the Inca Temple

Located deep in the Peruvian rainforest, a settlement of the Inca has been long forgotten until Gonzo, our determined conquistador had discovered it. Now he stands proudly in front of the temple walls and tries to make out all the carvings that surely offer some kind of a hint where the hidden treasures may be. Gonzo’s Quest slot is a remarkably designed slot machine, and even though the symbols are similar to one another, each has a different meaning and represents a different aspect of the ancient tribal culture. They all look like tribal masks and represent different animals and deities and their appearance is a bit strange. The blue one with golden eyes has the highest payout.

There are two special symbols in the game, and they look different from the others so you will easily spot them whenever they appear. The Free Fall symbol is a bonus symbol, it is entirely encrusted with gold and it looks like an ancient Incan calendar. The Wild is grey block symbol with a yellow question mark in it. Gonzo’s Quest has 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols, and it features 20 paying lines, Bet Level settings, and a Max Bet button which adjusts all the values at their highest in one click.

The Ultimate Search for Gold

NetEnt introduced their now well-known Avalanche feature in Gonzo’s Quest. It was a never-before-seen phenomenon where the reels would no longer spin. Instead, the symbols would drop down and fill in the reels whenever you hit the Spin button. And that’s not all – each time the symbols form a winning combo, they would explode and leave their positions empty. Immediately, new symbols would take their place in the same manner, by falling down. This also means a new opportunity for winning combinations and payouts. The more winnings you link together, the bigger the balance boosts. Two wins in a row get a 2x multiplier, three in a row get a 3x multiplier and so on until you reach the highest 5x multiplier. 

The other big feature in Gonzo’s Quest is triggered by the Free Fall bonus symbol. You need three of them on a single pay line to activate 10 re-spins. They come with increasing multipliers, and there is a chance to multiply your winnings up to 15 times! The RTP is set at 96%. Gonzo’s Quest is a slot no beginner, casual player and seasoned bettor should leave out of their gambling plans.

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