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Genie Jackpots Slot

In the world of online slots, sometimes we come across some interesting themes for games. While the concept of a slot game featuring a genie is not entirely unique, Genie Jackpots slot still manages to capture the attention in a fun way. The old story of Aladdin is reminiscent here: the abundance of Middle Eastern/Arabian symbols which fall over the reels certainly suggests so.

What makes Genie Jackpots slot unique, however, is the multitude of bonus features and little extras which makes things even more fun. Here you will find rare visits from a genie, blades, monkeys, shiny lamps and more importantly, the chance to win a fat jackpot which could be potentially life-changing. Not bad at all from a slots game.

How it Works

Genie Jackpots is a 5-reel slot with three rows and twenty pay lines. The design is aesthetically pleasing and there is a distinctive cultural reference which at times feels exotic. Colourful and noisy, this slot is generally favoured by those who enjoy a little bit of excitement and drama when playing slots online. There is so much going on but not necessarily in a bad way. You will be glued to the screen, however, so prepared to be extremely distracted!

In terms of the paytable, we have identified three high-value symbols which you want to look out for when playing the game. These are the crossed scimitars, the magic lamp, the Genie’s turban and the game’s logo. The lower value symbols which will certainly appear more often are the card symbols,  10, J, Q, K, and A. In terms of wilds, the symbol to watch out for is the monkey. The bonus symbols, when triggered, activate a number of different games to play.

Features and Bonuses

The Three Wishes Power Spin This feature can be randomly triggered at any point in the normal play. The Genie will effectively make his presence known, and offer three magic lamps above the reels for you to choose and potentially bag a big win from. The three potential bonuses you can land are as follows:

  • Genie Wilds + Respin: This feature can turn any symbol into a wild before a respin is triggered. This can potentially bag a nice bit of coin.
  • Genie Wilds + All Pays Doubled: Similar to the bonus above, except when turning a symbol wild, it comes with an additional x2 multiplier.
  • Infectious Monkey Wilds: The monkey wilds show up on the reels, and can infect other symbols located around them.

The Jackpot can be attained by two means:

  • Magic Carpet – If you hit bonus symbols on the 1st and 3rd reel, followed by the Magic Carpet on the 5th, you will trigger this exciting feature. What you will need to do is choose between a number of Magic Carpets available which can push the monkey further up the screen. You will add cash for as long as you without hitting the ‘Collect’ symbol. Reaching the 'Big Money' tier will give you the chance to win the jackpot which is pretty much the promised land on this game.
  • Mystery Win Bonus – If you land the bonus symbol on the 1st and 3rd reels, and the Treasure Chest on the 5th, you will be awarded a prize up to x100 your bet. It is much better to land the Magic Carpet bonus die to the higher chance of winning big, but all in all,  you can't really complain if you get either.

In Conclusion

Genie Jackpots is certainly a very interesting game to play, given the pretty impressive design and Arabian-theme. This colourful slot is fun and packed with additional extras which makes it popular among many slots players out there. You can see how many gravitate to the slot due to the chance of hitting a jackpot and potentially changing their lives in the process. Even playing the game with little to no expectation of doing so, however, is pretty fun.

When we compare Genie Jackpots slot to other popular games, it is not difficult to see why it has become a top-notch game in the eyes of many slots connoisseurs. It works well and has a relatable theme with the Aladdin connection, but is also pretty easy to play and figure out. There are enough bonuses to keep players interested, although big wins without these features are pretty rare, from what I found when playing for myself.

All in all, I would recommend players have their own say on the game. Giving it a try will soon determine if it is right for you. Not all slots are going to appeal to all; this is simply human nature, so it is always a good idea to try it out for yourself. In terms of a game which will have a lasting presence in the world of online slots, Genie Jackpots is a good candidate for just that.  

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