Fruit Warp Slot

February 26, 2018 01:02
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Fruit Warp Slot

The time is always right to change your eating habits and throw in more fruit in there, so how about a great fruit machine to get those juices flowing? Fruit Warp is an amazing video slot from Thunderkick that takes the traditional format of a fruit machine and modernises it in new and unique ways. This slot game will surprise you, impress you and chances are it will boost your bankroll through the roof. Fruit Warp slot machine is a simple game of chance, but also one that will equally satisfy ambitious online slot lovers and beginners; it has colour, it has wonderful animation effects and an arcade-like feel many bettors will find refreshing as a bowl of fresh fruit.

Welcome Bonus

100% up to €500 + 50 free spins

Welcome Bonus

100% up to €200 + 100 free spins

Welcome Bonus

Deposit 100 play with 200 & 200 Free Spins

Lots of Fruit and No Reels or Paylines

Get ready for a sweet initial shock as you load Fruit Warp at your preferred online casino and you wonder - where have all the reels gone? That’s right, Fruit Warp slot shows no reels on the screen an no trace of a regular reel grid. There are no rows and columns, only pieces of delicious fruit floating around in an unidentified thick green liquid. The design, despite being minimalistic, is quite captivating, because the fruit you see on screen is tridimensional and you can almost reach out and grab it, maybe make a yummy fruit salad. The game consciously tests your love for bananas, strawberries, cherries, grapes, plums, oranges and unusual fruit like the starfruit, kiwano melon and dragon fruit. There are nine symbols in total and there are no special symbols we’re used to seeing in slots.

Fruit Warp has no regular paylines, no reels and – no spinning. Once you hit the Play button, there will be no spinning of the reels; instead, you’ll see the fruit symbols warped through the green liquid towards you, and their positions will change each time. To win cash prizes and activate bonus features, you need to land three or more symbols of the same fruit.

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The Warp is Real

Despite not having standard reels and paying lines, Fruit Warp uses creative ways to generate winnings and trigger bonus features. By landing four symbols of the same fruit, you’ll activate the Portal Re-Spin feature where the matching symbols remain in their positions and the rest of them spin, or warp, again. One re-spin is what you get, and you can either go back to the base game after it or land another same symbol like the matching four and activate the main Fruit Mode feature. In Fruit Mode, you’ll see a scale appear on screen, the Warp Meter, measuring your accomplishments related to that particular fruit. In the following spins (warps), you will be required to land at least one symbol of that fruit in order to advance along the scale, collecting multipliers.

It’s not only multipliers you can collect – there is also a possibility to receive an extra life and it will be quite useful in situations when you don’t land a matching symbol, so you get an extra spin to try again. Fruit Warp is a top-notch arcade/slot machine, one of Thunderkick’s most interesting releases. It comes with an RTP of 97%, so feel free to try it out whenever you feel like playing something unconventional yet rewarding.

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