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Eggomatic Slot Review

We will not have been the only reviewers of NetEnt’s Eggomatic slot to have noticed something a little "familiar" about the characters on this game.

The online slots developer giant created the game with a number of the smaller characters in it looking a lot like the Smash robots of the instant mash potato company's adverts in the 80's and 90's. You can judge for yourself with a simple Google search to compare.

As the purpose of this review is to break down the slot - rather than suggest lookalikes  - then we will get down to business. Let's take a look at Eggomatic, which, as we stated above, is a game that was released by Net Ent.

At first glance, this slot looks a little lacking in character. It has the feel of a game which wasn't exactly a labour of love for designers, but more like a... yes, more like laying an egg. There is nothing too remarkable about the character design and the colours are very drab and dreary. We expect that this was intentional, but that doesn't suddenly make the game any brighter or more engaging to look at.

Of course, you can't judge a book by its cover. Or the first page... or even the second, third, or fourth. However, if you are getting into the first half of it and are suddenly compelled to throw it out the window, then go ahead: judge to your heart's content. For this reason, however, it always best to put any prejudice aside. If you're not happy with the way something looks at first glance, this doesn't mean it will be poor.

In that case, we will tell you what is going on in this very curious but eggs-citing (yeah, I know...) slot.

Eggomatic Slot: Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty cool. It is certainly different, which is never a bad thing (unless you abhor change). Eggomatic plays well, and as you can so obviously guess, it is based on chickens and games. BUT these are no ordinary chickens and definitely no run-of-the-mill eggs.

You see, these chickens and eggs are robotic. There are five metal chicks (brown, blue, green, pink and red) and five chickens of the same colours. The action is in an off looking chicken coop, or conveyor belt style arena where robot chickens hang out.

The game is set up in a different way to many other slots of the same ilk. Therefore, it may take a while for you to start to truly engage the way things work. It is pretty fun, however, and the additional features are quite cool, too.

Eggomatic Slot: Bonuses & Features

There is no separate bonus game, which is a little bit of a downer, we must admit. In most games these days, players gravitate to bonuses for big wins, so it can be a little odd to completely miss these out. Nevertheless, there are additional features which can win you a few extra quid.

Every now and again, the Eggomatic machine which is located on the right-hand side of the screen spits out a special egg which lands on the conveyor belt which sits above the reels. It starts on the far right reel. However, with each spin, the egg will move one reel to the left before disappearing off to the left of the screen.

Landing a wild chicken symbol underneath one of the eggs can also help you win. It drops into the chicken's arms (yes, we said that) and you’ll win the specific prize shown.

There are a number of different eggs available to be won:

Spreading Wild Egg – If you get this egg, it will turn all surrounding symbols into wilds, upping the chances of you creating winning combinations.

Free Spins Egg – This one will win you a random number of spins between seven and fifty. You can also win more free spins can in this feature.

Coin Win Egg – You can bag a number of coins by catching this egg. The amount of the win depends on the stakes you are playing on. The prize is between 50 and 2500 coins.

Surprise Egg – If you get this egg, you win yourself a random prize consisting of one of the above prizes.


OK, so you should never count your chickens before they hatch. Add another couple of chicken-related puns and you could have some fun with this game alright.

In all seriousness, the Eggomatic slot is a cool game which comes with some pretty interesting features and gameplay. The design is very interesting and unique, but it is not going to be a game which will win its way into the hearts of every player. It is a little... basic. The colours are a little drab, but it will definitely appeal to those who have a thing for robot chickens and eggs you probably can't crack.

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