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Dead or Alive Slot Review

"I'm a Cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, and I'm wanted..."

Dead or Alive. I'm not one to quote 80's hairspray enthusiast Jon Bon Jovi that often, but what can you do? This interesting slot takes us back to the late 1800's when the west was being tamed. With the inclusion of cowboys, Indians and those evading the wrath of the law, Dead or Alive is a very well designed 5-reel slot produced by NetEnt.

As with anything wild west related, there will be guns, danger, and excitement. While it is a fairly straightforward game to play, you must remember that - as it is the brainchild of  NetEnt - there will be a level of comprehension and detail which belies even the most underwhelming of first impressions.  This is a software developer which is in the elite class in its field.

What to Expect

The Dead or Alive slot machine is regarded as a high variance slot, so it pays to be careful with how much you stake if you are not used to it. When things do go your way, however, the wins can be pretty tasty. The sticky wilds are certainly the most favourable way to improve your balance. The presence of western legends such as Jesse James and Billy the Kidd will help you bag those big wins.

Anyone with even the most remote interest in westerns, therefore, will be happy. The slot has 9 pay lines and 5 reels making it pretty hard to catch a significant winning combination in comparison to other slots. Despite this, the game is still mega popular among players who first got introduced to its charms all the way back in 2013, when it first hit landed in the throes of online casinos.

As previously mentioned, the Dead or Alive slot has the potential to land players with some huge winnings if they are lucky enough, with wins of up to x2500 possible from the main game. As spins can go up to £18, you could walk away with as much as a cool £45,000 in your balance. Given the prospect for such high payouts, this slot is unsurprisingly a favourite among many players.


The symbols in the game are based around the archetypical Western saloon, and feature shot glasses, cowboy hats and other things such as posters on the saloon doors in the design of the main game. The symbols you will need to land in order to bag some big wins are as follows:

Special Symbols. Naturally and as the name suggests, there are a number of different outlaw-themed symbols. Expect to see stuff such as a sheriffs badge, a ten-gallon hat and of course the liquor of choice for the outlaws. While these are all pretty decent, there are big ones which you should familiarise yourself with. These symbols below are the ones which, when they pop up, will contribute to serious wins.

The Wanted Poster Wild: As the title's wild symbol this will add to a couple of symbols to make up a winning line. As such, a number of these can spell for a nice win.

The Crossed Pistols: The crossed pistols are the scatter icon of this game. Three or more of these will land the bonus feature, which is essentially a number of free spins. The standard win is 12 free spins with an x2 multiplier, which will remain for the entirety of the free spins. Any Wanted Poster symbols during the free spins stick for the next spins which you have, so you can imagine the wins you could land. The number of Wanted Posters you land inside the free spins round will increase the amount you can win.

5 wanted posters - one on each reel - bags you an additional 5 free spins which will get things kicked off again. In order to make it out of this game alive, rather than dead, will depend on your ability to trigger the bonus rounds, more often than not. The multipliers and free spins certainly offer the best chance of winning in this slot.


Although there are limited pay lines in Dead or Alive, there are also great chances to win big. The high RTP is also what makes this game a favourite, along with the savvy theme and cool design. There is a lot going on in this game, as you would expect from any slot produced by NetEnt. Landing the free spins is more often than not going to land you with a decent return, and the jackpot is also something which might entice.

In terms of gameplay, it is a very simple slot to master. That means getting the hang of, rather than guaranteeing wins. As the slot is among the more popular of its kind, you will generally see it in a number of reputable online casinos. There is a reason for its popularity, so try it out for yourself.

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