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Cleopatra Slot

Often imitated but never bettered, Cleopatra slot machine is still one of the world's most beloved casino games. Having been a staple of land-based and online casinos around the world for years and years, many are still captivated by the dulcet tones of the Egyptian legend.

In terms of gameplay, this classic 5 reels 20 pay line slot game created by IGT is an easy one to get the hang on. With so many advancements and developments in the classic format of slots dominating casinos these days, Cleopatra still holds its own. Familiarity is certainly a reason for why the game still enjoys such popularity, as this would have been among the first slots many played at the start of their online casino journeys.

Based on History

The last leader of Egypt's Ptolemaic's Kingdom, Cleopatra is a name which has long been synonymous with regality and style. Having been the foundation for many on-screen depictions, the name Cleopatra is one which is well renowned. The fact that this immensely present game is one of the most played of all time is a testament to the Egyptian legend's popularity.

When we think of Egypt, we also think of the Sphinx, scarabs, and the rich culture which encompasses all of the above. The historical reference may be lost on many, but this classic slot has already earned its place in the history books of slots. It will certainly stay here for a long, long time.


While not always the case, in certain casinos, Cleopatra slot pays a 10,000 coin jackpot which is activated by the appearance of 5 Cleopatra logo symbols on the reels. Gameplay can be as low as 1p a spin and often goes up to £100 a spin. Cleopatra is represented in the slot as the wild symbol, and she can multiply any wins you may have. The more Cleopatra symbols on a reel, the more money you will win. It is really that straightforward, which is another reason to get onboard with Cleopatra.

The one symbol which many will want to see popping up more than three times is the  Sphinx. If you can land 3, 4 or 5 Sphinx symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded will the Cleopatra Bonus feature. This feature is effectively a free spins bonus round where you grab 15 free spins. At any point during the playthrough of the 15 free spins, your winnings will be tripled. Any prize you win will be subject to an x3 multiplier, which is excellent.

What is one of the more exciting points of the free spins bonus is that you can hit more free spins if you get 3,4 or 5 additional Sphinx symbols on the reels. Free spins are awarded as 15 at a time and can go all the way up to 180 free spins. I have been lucky enough to hit multiple triggers while playing the slot, earning 105 in one sitting, which was pretty spectacular. I won a pretty nice wedge of cash into the process, too.

What Makes Cleopatra slot so special?

This will always depend on who you ask. For me, this was the first slot that I ever played so it does sit close to my heart. Whenever I play slots in an online casino - and I come across Cleopatra - I almost always have a few games, for old times sake. There is no doubt that this does happen often, which goes to show just how good this slot can be if it can beat many of the other titles that dominate online casino catalogues.

The layout of the game is pretty cool, too. While it has a very classic feel to it, the colours are vivid and the voiceovers and sounds add to the atmosphere. All in all, it should be the blueprint which many other slots should follow, in an updated sense, of course. In fact, there is plenty of information available to argue that this slot has been the inspiration for developers keen to create their own longstanding, classic game. It is a good place to start, at very least.

In Conclusion

Cleopatra is an excellently designed and legendary classic slot title which continues to captivate players from around the world. The fun aspect and overall style are second to none, and the amount of players who continue to seek this slot out to this day stands to reason that it is more than just a popular slot.

The voice overs and spinetingling eeriness in the audio effects always add to the gameplay. As such, it is highly recommended that anyone who plays Cleopatra does so with the sound turned up, or with earphones. You will thank me for this afterwards, trust me. Colourful, broad, and still unique, even to this day, you are bound to have a memorable experience in your first time playing Cleopatra slot.

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