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Aliens Slot Review

For those of us that can remember the movie, Aliens was one of the creepiest sci-fi flicks ever made. It was so scary to some that they would not hesitate to categorise it as a horror.

While the closest thing that comes to a horror film when we are playing slots is a session where we blow through our bankroll faster than Superman on meth, some developers have introduced a number of titles based on horror films. Games based on Halloween, Friday the 13th, and even Freddie Krueger have been released over the years. While these slots may have horror themes, they're far from scary in themselves.

When NetEnt rolled this game out to the online casino world, there was a sense that something new was on the cards. The slots enthusiasts certainly looked at things that way and contributed to the buzz surrounding the Aliens slot. The developer always makes waves when it announces a new slot, but this was different: it was Net Ent’s first use of real-time 3D graphics and it looked pretty special.


The gameplay is what made this slot pretty much an instant cult classic. When we look at the game in its most simple form - bar the aesthetics - it is a five reel, fifteen fixed pay line slot. It is almost like a mix between a traditional slot with a modern (for the time, at least) twist with a ton of real-time animation. The atmosphere really gets dark and foreboding when you trigger one of the very interesting bonus features.

You will recognise a lot from the second film in the "Alien" franchise which Aliens is based on. The feel of the slot is very dark and the music certainly contributes to this. It is a creepy and jumpy game at times, and not one which you will probably feel completely comfortable with if you tend to get scared quickly. It actually seems ridiculous to be associating a slot with getting scared...

It is worth noting that the symbols are a weird mix of alien eggs and fully grown aliens which you will probably be able to recognise if you are a fan of the films. In terms of value, the lowest value is the unhatched egg and the highest value is the large-sized alien who looks towards your direction as some kind of threat, or maybe in a congratulatory manner, who knows. The special symbol is the Weyland-Yutani wild.

Aliens Slot Features and Bonuses:

Level 1: The Search

There are three parts to the bonus features, which carry a video game like quality. The style of the features is pretty cool though. The first step is called The Search and this is how you go on to trigger the later bonuses. You do this by filling the multiplier meter which sits above the reels in the game. Providing you fill it up, you move on to the next round.

Level 2: The Encounter

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a marine stalking through a dark and creepy corridor, blasting aliens? Nah, us neither. Regardless, you will be in these shoes as you reach the second stage of the bonus rounds.

The Encounter works like this: each spin gives you a nice, guaranteed win, which essentially builds up according to the level you hit on the multiplier meter. The said marine shoots away at aliens but only when he has ammunition. This is where collecting ammunition from your fallen colleagues is crucial - it doesn't always happen. If you are out of ammo, that's the end of the game. If you can reach the end, however, you move on.

Level 3: The Hive

The big one. Here there are two horizontal reels, one which is grenade strength and another which is the grenade multiplier. You have five spins with each spin a grenade to throw at the Hive. The more grenade strength and multiplier, the more you will earn. There is also a need to keep your ammo up here. Once you run out, the game is done.


A creepy game with an excellent design, Aliens slot has become a cult classic among players. This is also down to the interesting take on bonuses, which is a little unique (it certainly was for its time) and gives players more than enough to keep them interested. The dark, horror-style theme adds to the sense of originality and was a major contributory factor to many of its successors.

Aliens slot machine is, without a doubt, a very interesting game, and one which earned NetEnt major attention. The design and the animation are awesome, and there is little to really criticise about the game, especially given the fact that it is not exactly one which came out yesterday. Maybe, if you give this game a shot, it would be worth keeping the lights on.

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