Online Craps Bonus Offers & Craps Online Casino Promotions

For newbies and seasoned Craps players used to the parameters of land-based casinos, taking the game online can be a strange experience. Online casino games, Craps included, are much, much quicker.

This is not some form of wizardry, but pretty logical: you do not have to wait around for other players, the dealer to get the game started or any other issues which can slow things down.

While the typical single player game tends to rule when it comes to playing Online Craps, live Craps games are also growing in popularity.

Many casinos that offer the more authentic experience will project the video stream of inside a live casino into your living room. Getting to grips with Craps is not entirely rocket science, but there are a few rules and limitations to consider.

We take a look at the different components of this classic casino game, below. 

Online Craps Bonus Offers  Craps Casino Promotions:

Check below this featured list of some of the best online craps bonus offers and craps casino promotions.

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Why Claim Online Craps Bonuses & Promotions?

If you love the dice game craps and the thrills that it can bring when playing it at the online casinos, you are probably going to be even more delighted to learn that there are a number of craps bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of.

Sure, they will not always be specifically targeted at the game of craps and will usually be applied to all games offered by the casino, though they are more than worth taking advantage of due to the extra value you will be getting for your money.

Most craps bonus offers will require a deposit. Others may just be given away as free no deposit bonuses. Whatever it is, if you can play online craps with a bonus, that's one good way to increase your winning chances.

When craps is the game you prefer and you claim a craps bonus, you will stand a better chance of winning some decent payouts as well as getting far more value for any money that you have deposited.

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The Basics

Craps is an exceptionally popular staple of any casino. The game is widely believed to have derived from an old British game called “hazard,” and became hugely synonymous with the mob, catapulting it into the consciousness of many average casino enthusiasts. In Craps, players are betting on the results of dice rolls, effectively rendering it – like most other games found in a casino lobby – a game of luck.

A standard craps game involves a player betting against the house, with one player (the “shooter”) rolling the dice. The most basic bets are placed on the “pass line” and the “don’t pass line, ” and are geared towards the shooter rolling dice. If the “shooter” rolls a 7 or 11 then a pass line bet will pay out even money.

In contrast, a 2, 3, or 12 is a crap. Pass line bets will lose and the player’s turn is forfeited. Any other number will establish the “point,” meaning any other number rolled prior to a 7 will win pass line bets. A 7 hit prior to rolling the point a second time is a “seven out,” meaning the player loses and pass line bets are lost, too.

“Don’t pass” line bets are bets successful or unsuccessful opposing the pass line. A player who hits a 7 or 11 on the come out renders “don’t pass” bets as losers. Crap or a seven out – in this scenario - wins “don’t pass” bets.

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Strategy: Getting the biggest bang for your buck


If you are playing Craps online, then the chances of you losing fast are significantly higher. That being said, the chances of you winning faster are greater, due to the faster nature of the game, compared to a land-based casino.

This means that adequate management of your bankroll is needed. Are you capable of handling a poor run, without being completely knocked out of contention for the next round?

Understand the limitations of your bankroll, and set yourself parameters when it comes to how many games you can play. Control it.

Don’t lose the run of yourself

When it comes to smart gamblers, there is one thing that they tend to have in common: they will first gravitate to the bets with the lower house edge. If the house has a greater edge over you, the chances of you losing are much higher.

Players can try to get around this by learning how to wager on Pass Line bets, which has a lower percentage of favourability towards the house.

While it may be tempting to go the whole hog, this attitude will not serve you well for the future. Losing the run of yourself will quickly see your balance deteriorate unless you are exceptionally lucky.

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Familiarise yourself with online craps

There are a number of online casinos which will allow you to trial the software before to commit to depositing. Much like novice traders use practice accounts in order to test themselves before playing with real money, Online Craps players can learn a lot playing with demo accounts.

Familiarise yourself with the various bets and outcomes you will encounter on a Craps table, and take it from there.

If you are playing at a new online casino, it is a good idea to start off betting smaller amounts in order to judge the software, if there is no facility to bet on a demo game.

There are many different variations and limitations according to different games, so getting a handle on these can be pretty beneficial to players. Having a head start is always preferable to simply walking into a situation inadequately prepared; simply hoping that luck is on your side is not enough.

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Never bet using the money you can’t afford to lose

Craps, like any other exciting game, can be very addictive. When it comes to being bitten by the gambling bug, many can lose focus and spend money that they simply do not have.

The fast nature of playing Online Craps drives the chances of you becoming addicted to the game up tenfold, so it is always advisable to consider just how much you have in terms of a bankroll to fund your playing sessions. Never consider using a credit card, or dipping into any other kind of funds which are not yours.

Craps is a game and is designed to be treated as entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, we generally allow for a budget in order to fund it. If we went to a cinema to watch a movie, and the expected cost of seeing that movie increased after every exciting scene or pivotal moment, then there would be a lot of angry people in the audience.

Online Craps Casinos provide the software for your entertainment, but will not reject large amounts of money if you are happy to deposit. Devise a strategy of how you will approach each session and stick to it!

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