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There are thousands of casinos online and choosing the best online casino is always a question of taste and safeness. While we cannot vouch for your taste, we can give you the information and the facts. We can show you how online casinos work and how to choose the safe online casinos. Read our guide and find out more about online casinos.

How Online Casinos Work

In case you’ve ever wondered how online casinos work, you should know the concept is quite easy to grasp. Casinos on the internet are built as regular websites and they show content especially designed by gambling software providers, tailored to satisfy a huge number of online customers. Another way of putting it would be that gambling sites are virtual formats of casino entertainment that are always available to us, anytime, day or night. There are no opening hours and no restrictions for players in terms of dress code, but players are required to be of legal age just like in land-based casinos if they want to be registered account holders and place actual bets.

In order to become a registered casino member, all you need to do is fill in a simple registration form, as you would on any website that you are hoping to interact with (do some shopping, make reservations etc.). Most venues have a noticeable link towards the registration form, so the entire process doesn’t take more than a minute. The form will normally require you to enter some personal data like your name, address, email and that sort of stuff, but of course – it’s all private and eventually, you’ll only use your chosen username and a safe password to log in every time you visit the site. You may need to wait a while for your account to be verified, as some online casinos demand SMS or email verification. After that, your new account will be activated and you’ll gain access to the entire virtual casino lobby where you can play popular games such as classic slots, video slots, video poker machines, table games and even scratch cards or bingo, depending on the casino’s portfolio.

Loading the games is easy, all you need to do is click on the thumbnail and in a matter of seconds, the game will start. Some casino websites will allow you to play for fun – play without wagering your own money, but you will only be winning and losing imaginary credits. It’s necessary to make a deposit and fund your account if you want to bet and possibly win actual money. Go to the cashier’s page, select your payment method, follow the instructions, and you’ll have real money to play with on your casino account.

How To Choose An Online Casino

Now that you have the basic idea how online casinos work, you must be wondering how to actually choose one. Because let’s face it, there are hundreds of casino sites on the web and you only need to pick out several to play at. Choosing an online casino doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Think of it as an investment – the more time you dedicate to finding just the right venue for you, the better your online gambling experience will be.

Choosing a random website is almost never a good idea. You should know what to expect and keep your interest directed at familiar brands, ones that already have a decent reputation among gamblers. It’s good to ask yourself what aspects of a casino website are most important to you. Do you want a big choice of games? Do you value good bonuses the most? Does it matter if the online casino offers just a few payment methods? Is customer support available through live chat because you want to receive assistance immediately? These are some of the potential issues that may help determine exactly what type of casino you’re looking for.

The one thing you should never forget when choosing an online casino is license and regulation. This should be your primary concern, a quality above others. If the casino site isn’t properly licensed you should stay away from it. You can never be certain where your money is going and what kind of problems with the casino management you might have because the brand doesn’t have a valid license to offer gambling services online. If there is no authority behind the casino to make sure everything is done in accordance with the law, you will risk your personal funds a lot more than you ever would in regulated play.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

Safety is a relevant factor when it comes to experiencing online gambling the right way. You are expected to invest your personal money into these games, and therefore you will be taking certain risks. However, the point is not to put your finances into risky situations along with sensitive information that you’ve revealed to the casino during your stay. Your personal data and your banking details are in need of protection, and most highly-regarded casinos will go to great lengths to provide this protection to their customers.

Online casinos are safe because they benefit from licenses and regulation acquired from reputable authorities which constantly supervise and evaluate activities on licensed sites. For example, online casinos with licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or the government of Gibraltar are known to be completely safe and trustworthy. Safety is enhanced with encryption technology which prevents any type of third party involvement. Players don’t need to worry about identity thieves or any kind of mistreatment from the casino, or banking service providers associated with it. Most modern casinos apply SSL encryption technology to safeguard personal information concerning their customers. 

Ultimately, you can find online casinos with multiple certificates proving their honesty and fairness. Testing labs will regularly subject the software to analysis and evaluation, in order to confirm its fairness and the genuine nature of the outcome of spins, dealt hands and so on. eCOGRA is one of the major organisations that ensure player protection, fair gaming and responsible treatment of users by operators, software developers and other gaming service providers. Online casinos than bear the eCOGRA seal are considered accredited and complying with high standards of the industry.

New Online Casinos: Why Try Them?

It’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t abandon your favourite online casino once you’ve found it, but it would be a shame to dedicate your time, money and all your gambling skills to just one venue. Even if you have multiple online casinos you love to visit, after a while they might become underwhelming and you may need something new to reignite your casino thrill. It’s only natural to want to explore. You won’t watch the same movie or listen to the same band over and over again, without checking out new releases, right? You might come back to them if you like them, but you’ll want to expand your views and enrich your experiences with new content every now and then.

New online casinos are added to the market constantly, and even though you should approach them with caution and pay attention to all the relevant elements you shouldn’t be afraid of stepping into something new and refreshing. Since the competition is tight, casino operators and casino brand owners are constantly trying to raise the bar and offer something better than what already exists on the market. Chances are you’ll benefit on multiple levels from joining a new casino on the web. First of all, you’ll get to claim the welcome bonus as a new member and get to play with extra funds right away, maybe even receive some free spins on popular video slots. The casinos you are already a member of can never give you another welcome bonus, and if you feel the lack of regular promotions as well, joining a newly launched casino website will definitely improve your odds at winning with big bonuses.

You can always deactivate your account and stop visiting an online casino of you eventually don’t like it but it won’t hurt to try it out. Trying new casino brands will give you the chance to play new games and maybe take a shot at games from new software providers you haven’t had the opportunity to try before.

Online Casino Reviews: Why They Are Important?

When people experience something, they often feel the need to comment on it and share their impressions with the community. Regular people do it on forums and chat rooms, but skilled analysts will organise their thoughts and evaluations into comprehensive reviews and present them to the public. The goal is not to push one’s individual opinion, but rather to express an objective overview of a subject important to a collective. When it comes to online casinos, reviewers work long and hard in order to properly represent casino brands and help the customers who may be new to online gambling to better understand how online casinos work, what they offer and what are their highlights and drawbacks.

Online casino reviews are expositions on various aspects of an online casino, often discussing subjects like casino layout, website theme, software providers, game diversity, customer support, accepted currencies, available banking methods, payment processing times, restricted countries, licensing and regulation, bonuses and promotional campaigns, as well as tournaments and extra features if there are any. What is the value of online casino reviews? They are important because they save you time and they give you worthy information about casinos you may be interested in. Instead of doing extensive research about a specific casino site, you can simply read a review which already has all its aspects described and evaluated.

Reviews give you a sneak peek into a specific casino world and prepare you for what is on the website. You can use that valuable information to plan a strategy and decide beforehand what games to play, which bonuses to claim or which banking services to use. As long as the review has been done by a casino expert or a team of skilled casino enthusiasts, you can trust it and use it as a guideline towards recommendable, reputable and fun casino sites.

Real Money vs Free Casinos

We’ve mentioned before that there are casino games available online for both real money and imaginary credits. When you play games of chance without making any real payments it is referred to as ‘free play’ or ‘demo mode’. Casinos that allow free play can be called free casinos. Basically, they work the same way regular casino sites do except you don’t have to make any deposits to be allowed to play. You click on the game thumbnail and you play a complete version of the slot or whatever game you’ve chosen, with all the bonuses and features in it. You will experience wins and also losses, but your balance will contain make-believe money that you can’t withdraw. It’s only there to power the game, but it’s not real funds. Free play isn’t limited in time, and you can also enjoy free play on your mobile devices. However, the only true benefit from free play is practice and the fun time you have while playing without risking anything.

On the other hand, we have real money casinos which bring a bit more seriousness into online gambling. To be able to experience real money casino betting, you have to activate your account and make a deposit. The money you deposited will suffer deductions every time you place a bet, but your balance will enhance every time you win. Often, you’ll have a separate funds balance for bonus money that you need to convert into real money. Real money can be cashed out from the casino and used in real life. Although it comes with certain risks, real money gambling online is thrilling, suspenseful and irresistible. The only way you can win big is wager real cash and try your luck through proper, responsible gambling.

The difference between flash, instant, download and no download casinos

As you start uncovering the variety of online casinos, you’ll see that lots of them showcase different performances on different devices and offer various ways of access to their customers. Some while ago, flash powered casinos were the only option online, along with downloadable versions of the casino package. To be able to access the casino, your computer needed to have the flash plugin, and if you wanted to play offline you could have the casino installed just like any other program. Flash-powered casinos and downloadable casino software are still available today, but it seems like newer, more advanced version of casino platforms have become more popular.

The majority of casino active online run on instant-play platforms, which have proven to be more convenient. Instant casinos require no special software, no updates or specific packages. They are easily accessed through the existing browser, and the only thing required is a stable internet connection. Whichever browser you use on a daily basis is enough to run your favourite instant online casino, and the best thing about it is that the same applies to mobile devices. Instant-play gaming sites are mobile compatible, which means they can adapt to the size of your tablet or smartphone screen. Just type in your username and password and you can continue playing when you’re out of the house. The performance doesn’t lack in quality if you’re playing on mobile, through a regular browser. This also eliminates the need to download anything and go through an installation process. The newest technology applied in casino software development is the HTML5 code, which enables the instant-play format on both desktop computers and handheld devices. Since the mobile play is taking over desktop online gambling, the existence of instant online casinos is an excellent practicality.

High Roller Casinos: Do they really exist?

The majority of players fall under the category of medium-level gamblers; people who like to place wagers but often shuffle from low bets to moderately high bets in order to make their experience more versatile and more exciting. High rollers, or whales as some call them, are players who constantly wager large amounts of money. They seek games with great winning potential, wide betting ranges and high table limits. Although they make up for a small fraction of the online casino business, they often receive VIP perks and a more accommodating treatment from casino operators. They bring a lot of cash into the casino, and that is an undeniable fact.

You won’t find casino websites strictly dedicated to high rollers. Instead, you’ll encounter gambling sites with plenty of games that satisfy high rollers. High roller casinos will have slots with a wide betting range that goes over standard amounts as well as blackjack, roulette and poker tables with high stakes. These are the best casinos for this type of players because they also feature competitive bonuses and benefits for higher-paying customers. Once in the VIP realm, high rollers will make the best of their gambling style, receiving bigger bonuses, loyalty rewards, services of high roller VIP managers and the like. Players with deep pockets can also take advantage of exclusive VIP tournaments which are invite-only, and tend to group users that can afford to play at a high level. If you consider yourself to be of a VIP calibre, look out for reputable online casinos that offer high stakes gambling, the best VIP club memberships and promotional campaigns particularly designed to accommodate high rollers.


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