Paypal Casino Guide

If you're looking for an online casino taking Paypal, you've come to the right place. Our Paypal casino guide will show you how Paypal works and how to make a Paypal casino deposit. Not lastly, we provide a top list of the best online casinos accepting Paypal. 

What is Paypal and how it works?

Paypal is a banking system described as an electronic wallet. It was made to satisfy the needs of online shoppers, but it has found its way into online casinos as well. Paypal’s electronic wallet, or e-wallet for short, is one of the most popular payment methods at hundreds of casinos online.

Obviously, the system has many benefits. It makes for a modern way of managing your gambling funds online, as opposed to traditional bank transfer options.

Using Paypal for online payments is a piece of cake, as long as you’ve previously registered an account on the official Paypal website. Sign up for your own personal wallet, and once the signup is done (it takes only a minute) you can tie your PayPal account with your regular bank account or debit/credit card. That way you can fund the wallet and set up your gambling budget. Then, you can proceed and choose a Paypal-friendly casino site to play at.

Paypal has been around for a while now and has proven to be a secure, efficient and a rather convenient casino deposit method. To use it, one only needs to be of legal age, to have a valid email and to think of a good, protective password.

Each time you have to make a casino deposit, you’ll log in and access your e-wallet, transferring the chosen amount of cash in a matter of seconds to your online casino account.

Do online casinos accept Paypal?

When it was founded in 1999, Paypal was devised as a method of paying for goods and services online. The internet began to expand, reaching the most desolate of areas in the world, and people started to notice the benefits of paying for something online.

For years, Paypal was the main banking system for online shoppers, and the American company was soon integrated into the online casino world. If you can shop for a dress on the internet and pay with a few clicks, why not add funds to your casino account the same way?

Not all, but a huge number of active online casinos accept Paypal. Some make it their only e-wallet option, while others have Paypal join other popular electronic wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

Paypal has over 100 million members, and lots of them are regular online casino customers. Since Paypal allows both deposits and withdrawals, offers a helpful customer service, quick transfers and maintains the best standards in security, online casinos would be crazy not to list it as one of their preferred banking methods.

How to make a Paypal casino deposit?

When you find an online casino and want to play for real money, the next step is to make a deposit. At Paypal casinos, the procedure is simple and quick.

In order to make a Paypal casino deposit, you need to go to the cashier page and pick Paypal from the list of available methods. Confirm that Paypal is your preferred payment method.

Next, enter the amount you’d like to transfer and hit the ‘deposit’ button. Obviously, you need to have enough money stored in your wallet for the transfer to be successful.

The Paypal login window will open. You’ll be asked to enter the necessary info – your email and password. Submit your transfer request and wait a few seconds. After your transaction is accepted, you’ll receive a message indicating the deposit was processed. You’ve done all you need to do; now check back with your casino account and you’ll see the transferred funds already credited to your balance. Make sure you’ve previously selected your local currency in order to avoid any additional exchange fees.

The whole process sounds more complicated than it actually is. Once you make one successful deposit, you’ll get the just of it. Then you’ll be able to do it several times a day if necessary.

Paypal deposits are instantaneous, and that’s really important. By knowing you can add more funds right away you can maintain the smooth flow of your gambling session. Nothing can disrupt your winning streak that way.

PayPal deposits can be made from mobile phones as well, so you don’t need to interrupt your play even when you’re on the move. You’ll find the Paypal mobile app available for download for free.

What are the fees and what else do I have to know about making a casino deposit by Paypal?

Paypal is a free electronic banking service. It costs nothing to register an account with Paypal. That’s great to know. However, the company charges small fees when deposits and withdrawals are made to and from online casinos. The fees are almost negligible, but they do exist, so don’t be surprised when a small amount is deducted from your balance with each transaction. Be sure to check the casino’s policy about Paypal payments because some casinos have fees of their own.

Paypal e-wallet service ranks among the global leaders on the online gambling market. It is focused on security, privacy and enabling quick and easy payments.

In other words, with Paypal, everything is done in just a few clicks. The users are required to enter their personal information only once, upon registration. The very next time they try to access the account, they’ll be required to enter only the email and password combination. This secures the anonymity of the customers and speeds up the login process.

Due to high standards on every level, Paypal operates in almost 200 markets, supporting two dozen currencies. If you have any questions about how Paypal operates in correlation with online casinos, feel free to contact the company’s skilled customer care team.

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